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Today I completed my company checkout and also checkout at a high elevation airport (went to Big Bear). The flight to Big Bear was awesome! Later (maybe tomorrow) we will add some pictures that Marta took on the way there.

Tomorrow is the big day. Everything is ready and we are planning to depart to Tucson,AZ - our first destination!
Logbook entries
Date Aircraft make & model Aircraft ident. Route of flight Remarks, Procedures, Maneuvers No. ldg. Total duration of flight
From Via To
03/10/05 C-172 N6ZP KSEE L35 x-country, high alt. airport 1 1.5
03/10/05 C-172 N6ZP L35 RNM KSEE x-country, high alt. airport, Emergencies at Ramona 1 1.4
Total: 2 2.9
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