Wed, May 25, 2005 - First local flight (1825 visits, last updated on Sun, Sep 11, 2005)
Tomek Zielinski homepage / Switzerland - May-June 2005
After one touch and go and one full stop landing my instructor said that he was overall happy with my flying and if I wanted I could take a plane and fly for another hour or so. Since it was already quite late and we were not prepared for longer flight to other airport we just did a short local flight around Lake Neuchatel. The visibility was very good and the views were spectacular, we could see the entire Bernesee Alps, but also when we were close to Yverdon we could even see Geneva Lake. The flight time was approx. 45 minutes (in Switzerland the flight time is counted from takeoff to landing only - so called True Flight Time).
Unfortunately due to lack of camera (we were not prepared, remember?) we have no photos from this flight.
Logbook entries
Date Aircraft make & model Aircraft ident. Route of flight Remarks, Procedures, Maneuvers No. ldg. Total duration of flight
From Via To
05/25/05 C-172 HB-CGU LSZG LSZG traffic pattern, landings 2 0.2
05/25/05 C-172 HB-CGU LSZG LSZG local flight 1 0.9
Total: 3 1.1
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