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00 - blocked Pitot tube
06 - Clouds
Although we planned to leave as soon as possible, we got to the airport only at around 10 AM because from the early morning we were monitoring the weather reports and waiting for the weather to improve. Eventually it started to get better so we decided to go.
During the pre-flight we discovered that some creature used our pitot tube as a nest. It was completely blocked! It took us almost 2 hours to remove it! So in the end we departed Tampa North around noon. Originally we planned to fly as far as to Hot Springs in Arkansas. At the time of departure it was already clear that we could not make it. We decided to fly as far west as we could.
After taking the fuel at Perry (small unattended airport south of Tallahassee) we flew non-stop almost 5 hours to Monticello in Arkansas. Most of the flight was over broken cloud layer with some clouds being vertically developed high enough that even though we were flying at 10'500 feet we had to fly around and between them.
Logbook entries
Date Aircraft make & model Aircraft ident. Route of flight Remarks, Procedures, Maneuvers No. ldg. Total duration of flight
From Via To
11/07/05 C-206 N8771Z X39 40J 0
11/07/05 C-206 N8771Z 40J KLLQ 1 4.9
Total: 1 4.9
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