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02 - Mountains in New Mexico 2
05 - Highlands in Texas
08 - Clouds changed to broken
09 - Windmills in Texas
We wanted to get going as soon as possible because the weather forecast for today was very good for the first part of our flight (up to New Mexico and Texas border) and the weather was meant to improve during the day in Texas too. We woke up very early and took off from Lordsburg before 8 o'clock. Up to Texas border the weather was indeed perfect, but when we called FSS to ask for weather along our planned route in Texas it turned out that at our originally planned first fuel stop in Texas was still 800 ft. overcast! We also found out from the weather briefer that in Ft. Stockton (south of our original route) the weather was still very good. We made a decision to change the planned route of flight and go to Ft. Stockton instead, get fuel there and get the update on the current and forecasted weather.
The weather in Ft. Stockton was indeed beautiful, we were warmly welcomed by the FBO staff and directed to very well equipped briefing room (they even had wireless internet!). While checking the weather and planning the route for the next flight we listened to locals playing on banjos.
We wanted to get to Louisiana since it had good weather at that time as well as better forecasts for the next day, however along our planned route through north east Texas (south of Dallas) was broken and overcast with ceilings at 2000-3000 feet. We left Ft. Stockton assuming that we could fly on top of cloud layer, which could be occasionally overcast and make it to the border of Texas and Louisiana which had clear skies.
Initially everything looked good, but as we passed Abilene the overcast below us was very solid and as we were flying further east we started to feel uncomfortable. After several minutes we decided to turn back to the point with no overcast, land at the closest airfield (which turned to be Avenger, TX), check the weather there and decide what to do next. After landing in Avenger we checked the current weather and also forecast for the next day and concluded that we should get as far east as possible because otherwise we could get trapped in Texas for quite some time. We decided to fly under that overcast (which luckily seemed to raise a bit and also the terrain was getting lower as we were flying east) as far as we could.
We managed to get as far as Corsicana, TX (south east of Dallas). When we got there it was already 5:30 pm (and it was Sunday) so there was nobody in the FBO. Luckily few minutes after us a couple of local pilots landed in Piper Super Cub. They were very helpful and agreed to give us a ride to the town.
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10/30/05 C-206 N8771Z KLSB KFST 1 2.6
10/30/05 C-206 N8771Z KFST KSWW 1 2.3
10/30/05 C-206 N8771Z KSWW KCRS 0
Total: 2 4.9
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