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In March 2005 my wife Marta and I rented a non-turbocharged Cessna 172 from Anglo-American Aviation in San Diego, California and flew to Florida and back. The first part of the trip (West to East) we planed to fly along the southern border of the US, while the return part (East to West) we planed to fly more northerly route.
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Day -4
We arrived to San Diego at 7 pm after 21 hours of travelling. Last 3 hours was drive in a rented car from Los Angeles to San Diego, during which we tried to use Lowrance AirMap 1000 as a car navigation system. Now I can definitely confirm that car navigation is not the best application for ...
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Day -3
During the last week the weather in South California was not optimal for flying, in fact it was less than optimal for anything. However, it has changed completely just before our arrival. Right now the weather is perfect and according to the weather forecasts it is supposed to stay like that for the whole week, which ...
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Day -2
I was scheduled to complete my check-out, but unfortunately the weather in the practice area did not allow it. The only thing we did were gliding approaches, which I actually found rather hard. 6ZP did not want to get down and it insisted on flying, so I had couple of attempts before ...
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Day -1
No flying today. There was no plane available, (my) 6ZP was fully booked, because the other C-172 was still in maintenance. Tomorrow the other C-172 is coming back and the 6ZP is supposed to be exclusively mine. This way I should be able to complete the checkout and also go to Big Bear airport for high altitude airport ...
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Day 0
Today I completed my company checkout and also checkout at a high elevation airport (went to Big Bear). The flight to Big Bear was awesome! Later (maybe tomorrow) we will add some pictures that Marta took on the way there. Tomorrow ...
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Day 1
We've made the first leg of our trip! The flight was spectacular. There was some haze in the mountains east of San Diego, but it disappeared as we crossed the mountains and from then on the weather was just perfect. Most of the trip was along the Mexico border, we were a bit scared of ADIZ (Air ...
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Day 2
...It didn't develop the way we expected. Winds were too gusty and we decided not to fly today at all. However this gave us an opportunity to visit some of Tucson attractions: Saguaro National Park, Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, and Old Tucson Studios (used by Hollywood to shoot some of American western movies such ...
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Day 3
We decided to skip Carlsbad Caverns (due to strong and gusty winds still forecasted for KCNM) and fly to small Ozona,TX town which will bring us closer to Corpus Christi,TX (our next planned stop). We took off from Marana at approx. 6:40 (just after sunrise) hoping to achieve this way relatively ...
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Day 4
Weather was very nice, although morning in Ozona was very cold and windy. We are now in Rockport,TX 30 miles east of Corpus Christi,TX. Rockport is a small town located on the peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico. We originally planned to go to Port Aransas, but yesterday while ...
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Day 5
Well, unfortunately the forecast was correct (btw. now our favorite TV channel is The Weather Channel). We are grounded in Rockport,TX were ceilings were 800-1200 feet all day and the situation in Houston,TX was even worse (rain and CB). The worst part is that the weather forecasts for tomorrow are similar or possibly ...
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