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In March 2005 my wife Marta and I rented a non-turbocharged Cessna 172 from Anglo-American Aviation in San Diego, California and flew to Florida and back. The first part of the trip (West to East) we planed to fly along the southern border of the US, while the return part (East to West) we planed to fly more northerly route.
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Day 6
The weather forecast was correct again. We went to Houston by car to visit Houston Space Center... huge disappointment. It is mainly addressed to children (aged 6 to 12).
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Day 7
The weather has finally improved. The front is miles away over the Gulf. The weather reported in the morning for Houston was good, but New Orleans not so much, so we flew to T00 first, refuelled the plane there (great place: fuel price - 2.20 USD plus we got courtesy car to go for lunch!). The weather ...
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Day 8
The weather did get better, but unfortunately not all the way to the east coast. During our first leg to Picayune (KMJD) the weather was perfect. Then after departing Picayune (KMJD) initially we were flying at 3500 feet VFR on top of a scattered layer of clouds, but after some time scattered changed ...
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Day 9
We've made the first part of our trip! We are currently in Deltona (visiting relatives) just a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean. Arrival to De Land was pure nightmare. De Land turned out to be a very busy airport with skydivers being dropped in the idle of it. On top of that when we arrived ...
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Day 10
Since the forecast indicated widespread bad weather for Mon on the entire south east US we decided to stay in Florida while waiting for the weather to improve and although the weather on Sunday was perfect. We went for an afternoon trip to Saint Augustin (by car), which was very nice. However when we checked the ...
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Day 11
When we woke up on Monday morning the whole sky was covered with a solid layer of overcast clouds. However checking the weather reports revealed that the ceilings were as high as 4000 to 5000 feet and were going to stay like that for at least late afternoon. Since the forecasts for Florida ...
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Day 12
No flying today. The whole area (effectively all south eastern states) was covered by 2 moving fronts with thunderstorms, some strong with hail and tornadoes. I just saw on the weather channel that in two Georgia counties south of us tornadoes removed some roof and caused several injuries - it was really serious. Tomorrow ...
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Day 13
The weather has finally improved and we were able to leave La Grange shortly after 9 o'clock. We first flew to Ferguson, which is a very small airfield next to Pensacola Naval Station where Naval Museum is located. We visited the museum, which was great (some pictures below) and then came back ...
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Day 14
We left New Orleans shortly after 10. The departure from Lakefront was very smooth and pleasant. If not very high fuel prices and ramp fees going to class Delta airports would be much better option than some non-tower airports. While flying at 3300 feet ...
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Day 15
This was a very successful day. We woke up very early and were at the airport shortly before 8 AM. After a short chat with an FBO attendant (a very nice old man) we departed to the west. The west wind on our departure seemed quite strong. We were a bit afraid that ...
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