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After over a year of living and working abroad my wife and I are back at home in Poland. Although I already have over 130 hours of flight time logged I have not flown in Poland yet.
It is completely new experience to me. Certification wise it was not a problem at I applied for temporary validation of my US licence in Poland and got it the following day (wow!). However finding a plane to rent was much harder task.
I was astonished to find out that rental of Cessna 172 in Polish national aeroclub is more expensive then renting similar C-172 in Switzerland (apparently one of the most expensive countries in Europe)! Luckily friend of mine found a privately own Diamond DV-20-80 Katana that was available for rent for reasonable price (around 100$ per hour based on tach time).
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Journal entries
Checkout in Diamond DV-20 Katana
I have never flown Katana before so I needed checkout in this plane. It took me quite some time to get an instructor to fly with me. Finally I managed to schedule the first flight for 13th September. Before the flight there ...
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First short X-country
After spending some time looking at the map and thinking about where to go and how to get there I decided that I needed help from some more experienced polish pilot before I venture out somewhere farther all by myself. I wanted to fly ...
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