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A friend of mine offered me to accompany him as a second pilot in his trip from California to Florida to attend to AOPA EXPO in Tampa. He owns Cessna 206 and wanted to fly it. In order to allow me to fly his plane he needed me to be included in his insurance policy. The insurance company in turn required me to have at least 15 hours of dual instruction in Cessna 206 with CFI that had some Cessna 206 time.
So before starting the trip we had to arrange a flight instructor(s) with Cessna 206 time. We only had 5 days to fly these 15 hours and this journal is a summary of how we managed that despite of the not favourable weather in the LA basin.
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Journal entries
Cessna 206 training - day 1
I was planned to fly 6 hours with instructors from Sunrise Aviation (2 hours with one instructor and 4 hours with another instructor). Due to not very good weather I ended up flying 1.3 hours with the first instructor and 2 hours of ground school with the second instructor. These 1.3 hours was only pattern work. Cessna ...
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01 - Airlines at john Wayne
Cessna 206 training - day 2
In the morning the weather was quite good, so we flew to a practise area (over closed El Toro military airfield) to practise some slow flight, steep turns and stalls. Then in the afternoon we flew to Compton (10 miles or so north of the John Wayne) and back. The weather during the second flight was much worse. In the ...
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05 - LA water supply canals
Cessna 206 training - day 3
It was the first day when we could do some more flying. We found an instructor from Corona that was available for several hours. We took off from Corona and flew to Palmdale over the ...
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12 - extraordinary views along the way from Las Vegas
Cessna 206 training - day 4
We managed to fly the remaining 7.1 hours in one day! It was a very long day though. We left Santa Ana with yet another (5th this week) around half past 8 o'clock. The clouds ...
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