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00 - AOPA
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Marta, myself, and a friend pilot from California took a trip from So Cal to AOPA EXPO 2005 in Tampa, FL. We were flying in his Cessna 206. The AOPA EXPO start date was on November 3rd. The earliest we could leave So Cal was October 29th. That gave us only 5 days to do the entire trip. We estimated that we needed 3 flying days to get to Florida, leaving 2 extra days for weather delays. After the AOPA EXPO we planned to spend more time on the way back and do some sight seeing too.
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12 - Interesting looking mountains in Arizona 3
Day 1
Originally we planned to depart as early in the morning as possible. However, due to lack of time in the previous days on Saturday morning we still had a lot of packing ...
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09 - Windmills in Texas
Day 2
We wanted to get going as soon as possible because the weather forecast for today was very good for the first part of our flight (up to New Mexico and Texas border) and the weather was meant to improve ...
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18 - Mexico Gulf 3
Day 3
The weather forecast for this day in Texas was very bad. The system with low ceilings and embedded thunderstorms was supposed ...
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00 - blocked Pitot tube
Return trip - day 1
Although we planned to leave as soon as possible, we got to the airport only at around 10 AM because from the early morning we were monitoring the weather reports and waiting for the weather to improve. Eventually it started to get better so we decided to go. During ...
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11 - Ute Reservoir
Return trip - day 2
That day we planned to go camping near Price Ranch in New Mexico. Price Ranch is a small grass strip in the northeast corner of New Mexico, below Mt. Dora MOA near to a ...
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20 - view from camping spot
Return trip - day 3 - Great Sand Dunes
In the morning we got promised drop-off to the airport. The flight was over mountainous region, which ...
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15 - mountians
Return trip - day 4 - Moab
After nice breakfast at the camping we drove back to Alamosa and departed to Moab in Utah. After over 2 hours of flight we arrived in Moab we did several circles above the Arches (well above 2000 ft over ground and actually only south part of Arches National Park). After landing in Moab it turned out that getting a car ...
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19 - Arches National Park
Return trip - day 5 - still in Moab
We stayed the whole day in Moab. One reason was the weather – front passing Utah west to east with low level clouds, thunderstorms and hail. However, we would have probably stayed anyway as there were so many interesting things to see. In the morning we went to a small canyon recommended by the girl from Thrifty. At ...
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14 - Canyonlands National Park
Return trip - day 6 - Page
Although we still could see some clouds from the front to the east of Moab the west was clear and the ...
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07 - approaching Mammoth
Return trip - day 7 - San Francisco
This was our last flying day. We departed Page very early in the morning. We wanted to get to Concord (class Delta airport east of San Francisco) before 3 P.M. to be able to rent a car as the rental company at the airport was only open until then. We flew over Zion National Park then stopped in Tonopah for fuel (according ...
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