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After more than 30 years dreaming and more than a year of hard work and weather anxiety, its time for my PPL skill test. I have spent more than 10,000 pounds and flown more than 90 hours to get here. So much for the 45 hours and 5,000 pounds that I had heard and read from schools and magazines that it would normally take to make it to the point where you are ready for the PPL skill test.
I have to admit that I have taken a different path than anybody would normally do in the UK. I started my PPL syllabus in the UK around April 2005 and after four or five lessons canceled because of the weather I started to take a quick and easy route out. Buy an Easyjet ticket to Barcelona for 20 pounds and do a lot of flying there in a weekend. The flying in Barcelona was cheaper and better weather than in UK, but it had its limits. However, when I came to the point to do “solo” flying I couldn’t do it in Barcelona, so I was back in the hands of the British weather.

I started to gain patience with the weather in London and accumulate some solo hours. After a few solo circuits, the navigation learning curve started to hurt, mostly because the navigation practice that I did in Spain was very touristy, very little flight planning and the sky was always a lot of less busy than in London, not many MATZ or control zones in general. Finally I got the grasp of navigation and diversions, not totally really, but good enough to feel sure while flying solo (and a 1000 pounds GPS system).

My skill test was planned for today, but the British weather made it impossible to happen, yet again. I was in one of the many aviation forums talking about my skill test and some of the writers were wishing me luck, not with the exam but with the weather.
I have a new date planned for next Thursday in the afternoon… wish me sunshine…
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Skill Test next Thursday 23rd
I’m getting less and less optimistic about the weather on my skill test on Thursday. Just take a look at the weather chart in Europe. It looks like England never will get rid of low pressure areas (L) and cold fronts. As you could see from the chart picture; there are four cold fronts that just passed through England ...
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I made it today!!
Incredible the weather started awful and then improved dramatically. I finally had a chance to have my check ride and I passed.
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UK Chart
PPL Skill Test and Google Earth
I had my check ride last week. I got the navigation route from the examiner the day before. I did all my flight planning except for the wind and the rest of the data that have dependencies on the wind. The route was in England, UK from Blackbushe to Worthing and from there to Marlborough VRP. When I was analyzing the ...
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