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Learning to fly, 90 hours. Preparing for the PPL skill test
Clive Rudd Fernandez, London
My Journals
My PPL Skill Test (3 entries)
After more than 30 years dreaming and more than a year of hard work and weather anxiety, its time for my PPL skill test. I have spent more than 10,000 pounds and flown more than 90 hours to get here. So much for the 45 hours and 5,000 pounds that I had heard and read from schools and magazines that it would normally take ...
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From Barcelona to London (no entries)
Beginning After having been extremely frustrated and disappointed for all the flying lessons that I had to cancel the last two months I decided to do something about it. The main reason that my lessons were repeatedly cancelled was as you probably guess by now, the weather. I thought about taking the speedy training ...
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