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I'm an airplane private pilot. I earned my Private Pilot certificate in April 2004. I trained and eventually obtained my FAA licence in the Naples Air Center in Florida. I'm also holder of a JAA (European) Private Pilot Licence.
Tomek Zielinski, Warsaw (Poland)
Latest logbook entries
Date Aircraft make & model Aircraft ident. Route of flight Remarks, Procedures, Maneuvers No. ldg. Total duration of flight
From Via To
10/31/16 SR-20 F-HKCK EPPO EPZG EPPO 1 1.8
12/12/16 SR-20 F-HKCK EPPO EPBY EPPO 1 2.4
12/13/16 SR-20 F-HKCK EPPO EPZG EPPO 1 3.2
12/14/16 SR22 OH-GSA EPPO EPBY 1 1.2
01/26/17 DV20 SP-KKG Konstancin Konstancin 1 0.8
03/08/17 SR22 SP-SZP EPPO EPWA 2 2.1
03/09/17 SR22 SP-SZP EPWA EPLL EPRZ 3 2.6
03/09/17 SR22 SP-SZP EPRZ EPWA EPBC 1 1.4
03/10/17 SR22 SP-SZP EPBC EPPO 1 1.9
03/10/17 SR22 SP-SZP EPPO EPZG EPPO 1 2.4
Total (filtered): 13 19.8
Total (overall): 617 313.3
My Journals
00 - AOPA
Trip to AOPA Expo 2005 (10 entries)
Marta, myself, and a friend pilot from California took a trip from So Cal to AOPA EXPO 2005 in Tampa, FL. We were flying in his Cessna 206. The AOPA EXPO start date was on November 3rd. The earliest we could leave So Cal was October 29th. That gave us only 5 days to do the entire trip. We estimated that we needed 3 flying ...
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Cessna 206 Training in California (4 entries)
A friend of mine offered me to accompany him as a second pilot in his trip from California to Florida to attend to AOPA EXPO in Tampa. He owns Cessna 206 and wanted to fly it. In order to allow me to fly his plane he needed me to be included in his insurance policy. The insurance company in turn required me to have at ...
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Poland - Autumn 2005 (2 entries)
After over a year of living and working abroad my wife and I are back at home in Poland. Although I already have over 130 hours of flight time logged I have not flown in Poland yet. It is completely new experience to me. Certification wise it was not a problem at I applied for temporary validation of my US licence in ...
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Switzerland - May-June 2005 (5 entries)
The whole May and June 2005 Marta and I spent in Switzerland. We visited Switzerland on business (unfortunately not related to flying), however we tried to use all available opportunities to fly. So far I was only flying in the US, and altough I am a holder of a JAA licence it was a new experience to me to fly in Europe. ...
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US coast-to-coast (25 entries)
In March 2005 my wife Marta and I rented a non-turbocharged Cessna 172 from in San Diego, California and flew to Florida and back. The first part of the trip (West to East) we planed to fly along the southern border of the US, while the return part (East to West) ...
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